Halloween IX

The Ninth Realm

Saturday, October 27th, 2018 









Halloween IX Details

October 27th, 2018

Party Time

Doors will be open at 8:00. Food will be ready by 9:00. DJ Bando Callrisian goes on at 10:00. Party ends around 4:00 am. Oct. 27 - 28

Rule #1

All patrons must be in costume. No questions  about it. Costume competition winner will be announced at  12:30 am! Cash Prizes!


Parking is extremely limited. Please Uber/Lyft. Address is:

 690 Soaring Drive, Marietta Ga. 30062


Cash donation gets you in the door. You can donate at the entrance or above. 

Hit the Donate Here button!

Photo Opp!

Stills by Sahad will be taking photos from 10:00 to 12:00 am. Make sure you #HalloweenIX your photos though!

Food and Drink

Food and drink will be provided while supplies last. Feel free to bring ya favorite bottle or a shareable dish if you would like!

Respect yourselves and your environment. Lets have a great time. 

Donate To The Cause 

All donations are greatly appreciated and will go towards the production of the party. 



More photos from the party are here. 



DJ Bando Calrissian has blessed us with a  pre-party trap mix. click on the button below or the image to the left to take a listen.


A look back to the All Hallows Bash's over the years.


Halloween VII

Halloween VII - Seven Deadly Sins

#HalloweenVII for details and more pictures

Costume Winners

Best Male Costume - Anthony Washington as Pride

Best Female Costume - Cidnee Richardson as a Siren 

Best Couple/Group Costume - Jessica Avery & Johnathan Jackson: Netflix and Chill.

See all the photos from the Halloween party here. 

Thanks to all that helped put together a great event.

Halloween VI

Halloween 666 - The Devils Bash

#HalloweenVIVIVI for details and more pictures

Costume Winners

Best Male Costume - Jasmine Stanley as Easy-E  

Best Female Costume - Ebony Johnson as Crazy Eyes 


Best Couple/Group Costume -  Jamila Morgan, Anthony Washington, Darrel & Talia Lockhart as Kid, Play, Brandy and Cherane from House Party.

Halloween V

Hollyween - Dead Carpet

#HollyweenV for details and  more pictures

Costume Winners

Best Male Costume  (Tie) -  Torian Parker, Stefan Vassell, Matthew Head and A.J. Martin as Dave Chappelle's Prince, Dave Chappelle's Tyrone Biggum, Charlie Murphey and Rick James (respectively) 

Best Female Costume - Erin McClendis  as Frankenstein's Wife

Best Couple/Group Costume - Anthony Washingtonand 

Philip Jordan as Blankman and Other Guy

Halloween IV

Halloween IV - Big Zoe's Circus 

#HollyweenIV for details and  more pictures

Costume Winners

Best Male Costume - Torian Parker as Homie Da Clown

Best Female Costume - Nicole Anderson as Carrie

Best Couple/Group Costume -  Jamila Morgan and Anthony Washington as Venus and Serena Williams

Archived Posters

All Hallows Bash posters from over the years.

Halloween II

Halloween III

Halloween IV

Big Zoe's Circus

Halloween V

Hollyween - The Dead Carpet

Halloween VI

Halloween VIVIVI - The Devils Bash

Halloween VII

Halloween VII Seven Deadly Sins

Special thanks to all who have contributed.

Your time, efforts, attention to detail and patience are truly appreciated.